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In "Episode 4: Invasion! Gargoa's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears" Hotaru discovers a family friend, Sachio who tells them that he escaped while his family's mothership was destroyed. While returning home the Gargoa send out the Destruction Terror-Beast: Wargilgar! Zone Fighter fought the best for a few moments when Sachio seemingly destroyed the beast with a strange energy pistol he summoned. However this soon proved to be a trick.

After having his right arm injured by a trap that the Gargoa posing as Sachio left in the Zone family's house, Hikaru saw the impostor on the TV taunting them. When he saw Wargilgar attacking a city he turned into Zone Fighter and jumped into the TV to teleport there and confront the monster. However Zone Fighter could not win the match due to his injured arm. When Spyler joined the match things became grim. Zone Angel sends a Robot that calls in the aid of The King of The Monsters himself, Godzilla! Godzilla severely injuries both monsters. While Zone Fighter takes care of Spyler, Godzilla takes on Wargilgar. The beast fires a stream of fire to stall the fight and Godzilla stops only for a second before he finishes him off with his Atomic Beam. Wargilgar falls to the ground, now reduced to nothing but a flaming husk.


The beast is 108 meters tall and has a mass of 82,000 tons.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

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Wargilgar using it's Double Barrel Mouth Cannon.

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Double Barrel Mouth Cannon: Hidden in it's mouth the cannon will pop out to fire with intense power at a target.

Fire Breath: The mutant bug monster can fire a stream of fire from it's mouth.


-Because the show is canon to the Showa Godzilla films Wargilgar and Moguranda are tied as the tallest kaiju at 108 meters, just barely taller then King Ghidorah who is 100 meters tall. However the monster does not always stand up right and is often hunched over and Moguranda.


Zone Fighter vs Wargilgar

Zone Fighter and Godzilla vs Wargilgar and Spyler

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