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Spider Uros.


In Episode 9: "Find The Secret of The Red Spider!" after drinking blood from a gorilla the Garoga Spider mutated into the Spider-Type Terror-Beast: Spider Uros! The creature didn't seem like much of a threat at first but it managed to trap Zone Fighter in it's web spray. Zone Angel and Zone Junior however, after having dealt with the Garoga Spider, had flew there in the nick of time and burned the webbing away with their beams and recharged Zone Fighter who managed to defeat the monster.

A second Spider Uros would return and fight Godzilla along with fellow Terror-Beast Gaoborg (a second one) before he was finished off by Godzilla once and for all.

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Garoga Spider.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Garoga Spider form:

Flight: The creature can fly to sneak up on pray.

Venom: The creature can inject venom into an animal to mutate it into a giant monster.

Spider Uros form:

Flight: This form can also fly.

Web Snare: Spider Uros can shoot a stream of silk to trap a foe in a web and rander it helpless.

Energy Ray: The creature can fire a red beam from it's mouth.

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Spider Uros is 70 meters tall and has a mass of 73,000 tons.


-Spider Uros is one of the few kaiju to return in episode 25.

garoga spider and garoga gorilla fusion spider uros

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Zone Fighter vs Spider Uros

Godzilla and Zone Fighter vs Spider Uros and Garoborg