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Zone Fighter ep 1 Showafan Destroy of Terror beast missle. Edit

Red Spark is 75 meters tall and like most creatures in the show have an unusual mass at 75,000 tons. roars garoga and uros fusion red spark

Powers and weaponsEdit

Chest Mounted Cannon: Red Spark has a cannon mounted in it's chest that can pop out to fire at a target with moderate explosive power. górski skarb działo

Tendrils: Red Spark has long razor sharp tendrils on it's hands that it uses to slash at it's targets.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 4.26.56 PM

Red Spark firing off his flares.

Singeing Flares: Red Spark has several thousand flares in his arms that he can set off all at once to force an attacker to back off. This weapons is more of a defensive one then offense as it doesn't cause any lasting harm. This power does prove to be very useful as Red Spark used this ability to not only end Zone Fighter's relentless attacks on him but also force him to back up until he tripped into an oil refinery where Red Spark fired his chest cannon, severely hurting Zone Fighter.


-Red Spark is one of the Terror-Beast made by Gargo aliens fusing together.

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Zone Fighter vs Red Spark video