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In episode 10: "Zone Fighter, Destroyed!" the Deformed Terror-Beast: Jipudro was attacking the day after Zone Fighter had destroyed a strange orb in the sky after being attacked by it and unknowingly allowed Shadorah to use him as a host. Zone Fighter and his family defeated Jipudoro rather easily however Zone's shadow started to act strange before taking the form of a Terror-Beast on top of a hill and blocking out the sun light and immune to Zone's attacks. Zone Fighter absorbed a recharged beam fired by his siblings but it had no effect. The family could only sit and watch in shock as Zone Fighter reverted back into his human sized form. Shadorah and a newly revived Jipudoro made their escape.


Jipudoro is 68 meters tall and has a mass of 87,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Jipudoro has no real powers and weapons and thus must use melee in combat.


Zone Fighter vs Jipudoro and Shadorah

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