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In eipsode 8:"Defeat The Invader of Fear!" a Terror-Missile crashed into a lake. Once Zone Fighter stopped the activity of the Gargoa agents near the lake the missile exploded and released the Red Headed Terror-Beast: Glederah! After an epic battle between the two giant's however Zone Fighter finished him off by cutting his head off with a level 2 Arrow Beam.


Glederah is 78 meters tall with a mass of 74,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Corrosive Mist: The monster can fire a mist from it's mouth that is acidic and qucikly burns anything it touches.

Загружено (1)


-The creature didn't have much of a mission as Zone Fighter killed it before the Gargoa could finish what it was doing.


Zone Fighter vs Gelderah

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