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The monster Dorola.


In "Episode 3: Strike! Garoga's Underground Base" the Gargoa trick the the Zone family into a trap, using a Fourth-Dimensional Net which teleports them into a Gargoa base under Mt:Fuji. The family send out a Zobot to their eldest son who finds their location. After Zone Fighter rescues them all the Gargoa send out their new monster, 4th Dimensional Terror-Beast: Dorola. After losing the war machine Jikiro and Destro-King they took a different route and combine the DNA of a crab, a reptile, and a rose to create this kaiju. After a a hard fought battle, however, Zone Fighter managed to cut off it's arms. Not even it's mist, that creates the illusion of teleportaion could save the monster. Shortly after it's death Zone Fighter destroyed the base.


Dorola is 76 meters tall. It's mass is unknown because it's from the 4th dimension and as such some of the laws of our universe like gravity may not effect it the same way it would us.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Claw: The creature has a large claw on it's left hand.

Vine: The right arm is a powerful vine that the creature can use to ensnare a target.

Gas: Dorola can fire a stream of gas to harm an attacker.

Shrouding Mist: Dorola can use this same gas as a mist to give it cover and make it seem as if it can teleport.



-Dorola shares a rather similar origin to a monster that would appear in the Heisei Godzilla films called Biollante. Both are mutant roses but Godzilla and human cells were fused with a rose in her case instead.

-Dorola has a second head on it's back.

used roar giradorus and aquarius from ultraseven and ace kaiju


Zone Fighter vs Dorola