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In episode 17: "Go! Fighter, Scramble" the Garoga's stole Smokey and put it on the planet Bulgar where the Transforming Terror-Beast: Barugas ambushed him. The creature showed some rather strange powers such as rolling up into a ball that can float and it's body parts coming back together when it is destroyed. However Zone Fighter soon lured it into a trap where he tackled it and severely damaged it with his Meteor Proton Beam before grabbing one of it's spikes and shoving it in it's mouth to prevent it from using it's corrosive gas and finished it off with his Meteor Missile Might attack before returning to earth with Smokey.


Barugas is 62 meters tall and has a mass of 59,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Toxic Gas: The monster can fire a toxic gas from it's mouth.

Reform Body: The monster can reform it's body if destroyed. This power does have it's limit as the second time it was killed it was out of energy and could not come back thus resulting in it's death for good.

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Barugas in it's ball form.

Protective Ball: The kaiju can roll up into a ball and float in the air. It seems to be found of using this form to tackle anyone it's fighting.


-Barugas has a rather strange death as after it dies sparks fly out of it's body and when it falls a cross rises out of the ground and a halo hovers above the cross.


Zone Fighter vs Barugas